Healthcare Surrealism

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After sounding like a realist in his Cairo speech, Obama goes right back to calling for healthcare utopia in his radio address today:

Any health care reform must be built around fundamental reforms that lower costs, improve quality and coverage and also protect consumer choice."
NY Times reports:

Just how he plans to achieve that remains up in the air; the address was long on broad goals and short on specifics. Mr. Obama said that he had made it clear to Congress that health reform should not add to the budget deficit.

“We’ll work with Congress to fully cover the costs through rigorous spending reductions and appropriate additional revenues,” Mr. Obama said. “We’ll eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in our health care system, but we’ll also take on key causes of rising costs — saving billions while providing better care to the American people.”
Who could disagree with this? All upside and no downside. Somehow, I'm reminded of the project engineer's expression: "good, fast, and cheap -- pick two."

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