Community Organizers Turned Policy Makers

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In the bookstore flipping through Why I'm A Democrat, was struck by this quote from Maira Kalman: "I am a Democrat because I have a sense of humor! And a love of people! And democracy! And strawberry cheesecake! And a love of Spinoza!" Well, that about sums up the notion of too many folks who think that political parties are nothing more than aggrandized hobby clubs tired of having to influence everyone to their point of view, and who realized that, through politics, one need only convince 51% to secure hegemony of perspective.

This seems to be the big fight of our day--not the issues themselves (we will always lock horns on issues)--but instead the means we will restort to in advancing our respective points of view. It is a dangerous thing to use our sacred constitutional system to institutionalize some sort of lemonade-stand mojo.

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