Politicians Should Be Seen and Not Heard

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I have only one very simple expectation of my elected officials -- that they be utterly ineffectual. Government has a tremendous ability to do harm and very little ability to do good. Thus, while many folks grimly wonder whether Mr. Obama will falter on his campaign promises, I put my "hope" in the prospect that he will do just that. (After all, did you hear his campaign promises?)

It is to my horror, then, that the face of our new federal Leviathan will apparently now be coming to us on a regular basis via a weekly video broadcast. So if you didn't fully understand Mr. Obama's gameplan in his upcoming deathmatch with the free market, you can get the full blow-by-blow.

Kidding aside, what truly bothers me about this is that Mr. Obama apparently wants to continue placing America's trust in himself and the government, and to continue distrusting the market, and causality in general. People need to get off their high on political leaders and just get back to their work, start making responsible choices, without wondering whether the government is going to fix things for them.

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