Bush Through the Obama Prism - Victor Davis Hanson - The Corner on National Review Online

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Victor Davis Hanson has this interesting article at NRO. In particular:

Second, we will come, through the Obama prism, to see that Bush's sins were largely the absence of rhetorical skills, unfortunate shoot 'em braggadocio in 2003-4, the federal response to Katrina, and a certain administration haughtiness about the problems in Iraq between 2002-6, but not most of his policies that included prescription drugs, No Child Left Behind, AIDs relief in Africa, the removal of two odious regimes, and consensual governments in their places, a framework at home to stop 9/11-type terrorism, and good working partnerships with key allies abroad such as Britain, Germany, France, Italy, India, et al, and a pragmatism in handling rivals like Russia and China.

Hanson also mentions that objections towards Bush's heavy-handed approach in the "war on terror," which I myself share to some degree, may at the least be overstated in light of the recent Mumbai seige.

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